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Federal regulators on Thursday бинарный опцион робот alobt new limits on which energy projects fall under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, known as Purpawhich helped spur an entire generation of solar and wind farms across the country. First Solar Inc.

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Sunpower Corp. The overhaul highlights how far renewables have come sincewhen the law was enacted to boost competition within the power sector and encourage new technologies in the fields of energy efficiency and in energy saving.

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Some credit the law with bringing on line over 12, megawatts of non-hydro renewable generation capacity. Under the changes made Thursday by the energy commission, utilities are only obligated to buy power from facilities that are 5 megawatts or smaller. Formerly, the limit was 20 megawatts. The bottom line is that as long as fossil fuel price forecasts are low, there will be very little development of new renewable energy.

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What is needed is a new law that accounts for the full range of benefits of renewable energy, like reduced pollution, less global warming, domestic and local economic development, and reduced dependence on foreign energy sources.

Such a law must be part of electric industry restructuring legislation. The renewables portfolio standard can move large amounts of clean energy into the mainstream; the system benefits fund can support new and emerging energy sources; and closing loopholes in the Clean Air Act for old coal plants will reduce the unfair advantage those gross polluters enjoy.

The agency will now require that qualifying facilities demonstrate commercial viability. States had already made efforts to curtail development of some projects.

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North Carolina, which became the second-largest market for solar power because of these requirements, passed a law in that cut avoided costs and shortened contracts to 10 years from 15 years.